90 For Life Essential Nutrients

Performance depends on one’s system being finely tuned in mind, body and spirit. These dimension of humanness can only be intellectually divided, but in reality, they are indivisibly linked and interdependent.

One cannot expect to be mentally on top of his or her game when nutritionally deficient. The fact is, our food today is impoverished nutritionally due to the over-farming of our soils without the natural replenishing of the essential minerals back into the soil. All of the fruits and vegetables we eat pull minerals from the ground, but the soil is nearing bankruptcy and that means our food doesn’t have what it had in it a century or more ago.

Naturally, if we have all 90 essential nutrients needed to sustain our bodies, our minds and souls are not also influenced by a lack of nutrition. Moreover, our bodies cannot fight the toxins in our air, water and land when we don’t support our immune systems with the essential nutrients. As athletes, we cannot recover from our training and competitions when we don’t support our bodies sufficiently with nutrition and appropriate rest. We can get over-trained resulting in depression, agitation, and other psychological disruptions. If our mental game is off, our overall performance fails.

In everyday life, we think things should go our way because we “eat right and exercise.” But because of our nutrient impoverished food, we cannot consume enough of it to get what we need. Often, appetites are high and remain high because our body is telling us we need more nutrients, not calories. So Youngevity’s 90 for Life supplements are the necessary foundation for everyone to have their biological house in order. As Abraham Maslow so correctly pointed out, biological needs must be met before safety, affiliation, esteem and actualizing can be achieved.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to start 90 for Life! I have been using the products for 6 months and my cycling and weightlifting performance have improved dramatically. Furthermore, my cognitive acuity is sharper and lasts longer than before.  If you’d like to order products from me, go to heropsyche.my90forlife.com and join.

If you have any questions or want to talk further, email me at heropsyche@gmail.com

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