Problem Focus Orientation

There are so many people that are doing well in their performance, but they count on having no problems. Problem Focus Orientation is when a person thinks that avoiding problems or solving problems makes things good. Perhaps it does if “good” means average.

Average in statistics really means middle of the road. That means, we examine a group and the average is a “C” in traditional school grades or a “0” point between outstanding and failure; Not the place one should aspire to be.

Excellence is a daily aspiration and a certain degree of inspiration and persperation go into being excellent. Avoiding pitfalls and problems is not striving for excellence. When one strives for excellence, the focus is on what one “can do” and the resources to which one has access. Focus on making your shot with an attitude that you have noting to lose, and excellence seems to emerge like the universe is cooperating with you.

This is an example of mental training. Cognitive reframing is not about looking on the brightside, but using the brightside of a situation to work for you. When you focus on avoiding or solving problems or deficits in yourself or your performance, it sems like there is no end to your troubles.

This is your time to shine with a Phenomenal Mind.

Dr. Rodger Broomé, PhD